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Spring’s pardon comes, a sweetening of the air,
the light made fairer by an hour, time
as forgiveness, granted in the murmured colouring
of flowers, rain’s mantra of reprieve, reprieve, reprieve.

The lovers waking in the lightening rooms believe
that something holds them, as they hold themselves,
within a kind of grace, a soft embrace, an absolution
from their stolen hours, their necessary lies. And this is wise:

to know that music’s gold is carried in the frayed purse
of a bird, to pick affection’s herb, to see the sun and moon
half-rhyme their light across the vacant, papery sky.

Carol Ann Duffy, from “Spring”, in Rapture
20th March 2013
Tags: Carol Ann Duffy Spring thoughts that breathe poetry lit longing for spring Spring's pardon comes

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